PHG is, first and foremost, an oil and chemicals company. Our oils are managed by top-of-the-line industry experts and the most brilliant talent in the field.  We are always on the lookout for innovative methods to refine and improve the quality of our products.

With opportunities unmatched, we are looking to improve on our position as one of the leading oil and petroleum products traders across the globe.


In this rapidly advancing field, our teams of experts is always on the lookout to collaborate to maintain our firm leadership on the market. With a relentless focus on sustainability, we have carried over our extensive experience from Trinidad & Tobago to the ever expanding gasoline market.

Fuel Oil

Along the years, we have picked up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the market of Fuel Oil. Using our insights into different industries, we have positioned ourselves at the frontiers of fuel trading. We understand the trends of the market and take action accordingly.

Crude Oil

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the industry trends, keeping us always ahead of crude oil opportunities.


We are continually developing and expanding our Naptha team.

With long-term relationships and collaboration, we are rapidly expanding our scope and technologies in the Naptha market, as well as incorporating our knowledge from all our different expertise to help streamline our value chain.

Natural Gas

We combine our expertise in Trinidad & Tobago with the opportunities bestowed upon us to our and our customers� advantage.

We have a deep understanding of natural gas. Our team of experts has in-depth technical knowledge and knows just how to respond to the changes in the landscape of natural gas.

Moreover, as with all our other services, we keep sustainability and long-term relationships a top priority to everything we do; including but not limited to Natural Gas.

Middle Distillates

Supporting our Crude Oil we also produce and trade in middle distillates. With a wide range of products ranging from kerosene to jet fuel to diesel, we take our oil refinery seriously.

We also use our superior logistical operations to transport and deliver our middle distillates on immaculate terms and time frames.


PGH is determined to bring the highest grade condensates in the world. While focused in the ever-growing Caribbean region,  we seek to fulfill the rising demand for condensates of all grades.

Moreover, our research team are developing better and more efficient uses for all kinds of condensates. Coupled with our high levels of logistical superiority, we are poised to be the number one condensate trader in the region.


In alignment with our sustainability and environment-conscious culture, we are working hard to push biodiesel into use by more and more of our customers. PGH seeks to always work on sustainable projects with equally environmentally friendly partners to bring biodiesel into more and more common use and trade.


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