• Sustainability being at the core of our values, we take active steps towards preserving and bettering the environment:
  • We have taken on massive reforestation projects to give back to the environment. In an effort to take active steps in order to make the world more green we have engaged in arrangements to help nature win back land lost to harmful human practices. In three years, we are projected to help plant a million indigenous trees.
  • We believe in paving the way for future generations and the path leading to that is: renewable energy. As a part of the energy industry, it is one of our goals to create and sustain energy for ourselves and the generations to come and as such we have engaged in arrangements to produce renewable energy. Already we have undertaken agreements that are mutually beneficial to petrochemical companies and customers all around the globe.


  • We make sure we deliver value based on partnerships and cooperation. We respect the procedures and privacy of all parties involved with us.
  • It is of utmost importance to us that not only we, but our partners as well, engage in safe practices that do not expose any parties (internal or external) to avoidable risk.


  • We understand the risks of our industry specially when it comes to the people involved. We make sure that our safety regulations are well above standard and that there is no immediate risk to any of our employees.
  • We follow the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, especially those on human rights. Everyone at PGH is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


  • Playing an important part in developing the community is an essential goal.
  • We have offered, in the past, scholarships to 19 students in the growing field of oil tech industry in hopes of developing both the community and science in the field.

Laws and Regulations

  • We operate in compliance with the international standards and regulations within the petroleum industry and in conformity with the laws and policies.

Point A Pierre, Marabella,
Trinidad & Tobago,
Office: +868 620 3171


Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince,
Haiti - HT-6110
Office: +509 48 92 1423


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